I'm trying to get Seahorse to remember the password for an existing RSA key I've copied across from another computer.

When I use the key rather than Gnome Keyring prompting me for the password and storing it on the keyring I have to enter the password in terminal and the password isn't remembered?

How do I use Seahorse to save my SSH key password?

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You can also use ssh-add to add the key to the keyring. (This one worked for me whereas the "Configure key..." did not.)


Problem solved, needed to add the key to be used for each particular machine.

Can do this by going to,

Gnome Keyring -> My Personal Keys -> Right click on key -> Configure key for secure shell


Use an ssh-agent that remembers your ssh passwords, e.g. https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GnomeKeyring/Ssh

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