$ mv DVWA-master /var/www/html
mv: cannot move 'DVWA-master' to '/var/www/html/DVWA-master': Permission denied

How can I fix it?

I want to move a folder in /var/www/html.


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The meaning of the error is:

The user which execute the mv command doesn't have write permission to the folder /var/www/html

If you need to move a file or a folder to the /var/www/html/ folder, and you have sudo permissions, you'll be able to do it using:

sudo mv DVWA-master /var/www/html


sudo mv DVWA-master /var/www/html

and check the permission of the main folder with :

ls -l /var/www/html


ls -l /var/www

As you put data in the www folder, I'm thinking that could be the folder of apache content. So, you should to apply a chown for get the apache application access to the new sub folder DVWA-master.

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