I'm looking for an easy to use making list program so, I can use my existing email to send to all the people on my list. I want to have it so I can send it with out them seeing each others email addresses and so I can have there names in the email, like a personalize emails you get when you sign up for stuff.

Also I would like for it to have a GUI.


I haven't used it (although I intend to try it out soon), but the Mail Merge Thunderbird extension looks like it will do what you need. From the description:

If you send an e-mail to multiple recipients, there are three problems: First you are often not allowed to send one e-mail to more than 25 or 100 recipients at the same time. Second you don't want each recipient to see the other recipients. Third you can't personalize the e-mail. Mail Merge solves these problems!


GNU Mailman is the most popular. I looked at other mailing list software like phplist and dadamail as well. Here's my findings when I tested them a year ago:

GNU Mailman

  • written in Python
  • very widely used (Sourceforge, Ubuntu, Debian, and many other large scale installations in the wild)
  • does not require a database
  • primitive web ui but reliable
  • package provided by just about every distribution, very easy to install
  • very reliable bounce detection
  • I still cannot create list from webui and must be done via shell. but all other admin tasks work fine for me
  • I had to write a custom script to export subscriber lists for backup


  • written in php
  • nice web interface
  • pretty easy to install
  • pretty popular, many distribution provide packages
  • requires mysql database
  • I was alarmed by many reports of insecurity


  • written in perl (CGI)
  • requires mysql database
  • I never tested it as installation was difficult

I ended up with GNU Mailman and am very happy with it.

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