I've been playing gobattle and slither for months. Last night they both started lagging very badly. A restart usually takes care of it and things are back to normal but last night, I got a warning that the graphics weren't configured properly and it asked me to configure them while booting. I chose to use the defaults and boot the system. It did that to me twice. Now the graphics in gobattle and slither are lagging horribly. When I do something, it takes forever for my character to do it onscreen. How do I fix this?

  • what were the recent changes you made like an update or an new installation ? – Ceda EI Aug 8 '17 at 5:26
  • Just the ytdownloader that I can remember. I install my updates and don't pay much attention to them. – KI4JGT Aug 8 '17 at 5:50
  • It must be due to the update to the graphics card driver... – Ceda EI Aug 8 '17 at 7:49

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