I want to backup user settings and programs configuration.

I came from this question How to backup settings and list of installed packages . There, settings and personal data are backup, not only configurations.

I don't want to backup:

  • personal data;
  • .bashrc , .profile, ... (if I don't install a program that was previously installed, there may be an error);

I want to backup:

  • All installed programs configurations
  • Ubuntu configurations (keyboard, date, tweaks, ...)

I don't bother to backup a program configuration that I won't install, because normally it has low memory size.

I guess that if I backup all etc folder and hidden files on home directory (except .bashrc and .profile) what I want will be done, can someone confirm it to me?


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For your case, the safest method is to backup all hidden files from your home folder from your reference computer and paste it in your new user,


  • .bashrc
  • .profile
  • .cache

Please clean up your trash to save space, because trash is stored in .local


You might look into Aptik. It lets you backup and re-add all PPAs, installed packages (PPA/system/manually installed Deb), application settings, icons, themes, users/groups, data of Home directory and schedule tasks with a single click. Further more you can back and restore packages individually.

Please see these two web sites for more information and how to install...



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