I launch LibreOffice base, create a new base, use all the default (HSQLDB), just click next, OK, chose a file name, click OK, and it crashes.

soffice.bin crashed with SIGSEGV

It is a 32-bit machine, It crashes with 16.04 (tried OpenJDK 8.131 and Oracle Java 8.144 and tried updating LO to latest version), it crashes also with the newest 17.04, fully updated.

I tried on a physical machine and on another one in VirtualBox.

It does not crash using a 64bit install.

Any hint??

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I finally found some info. Issue started mid June 2017.

  • LibreOffice Base does not work on a 32 bit Linux machine
  • It should be fixed with a new kernel release (hopefully)
  • It is a change in the kernel (security fix) that affected Java that is required for LibreOffice Base
  • Neither Ubuntu or LibreOffice or OpenJDK can fix this kernel issue (OK, maybe OpenJDK could also fix it)
  • There IS a workaround (tested on 16.04 and 17.04): "Add kernel parameter stack_guard_gap=1"

Edit the file /etc/default/grub and change the line beginning GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT to include the parameter, for example after your edit it may look like this:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash stack_guard_gap=1"

then run sudo update-grub and reboot.

You should remove this parameter when the new kernel solve the issue (test), because I guess is it less secure without stack_guard ...


Looks like I cannot post more than 2 Links here. But complete answer is here at ask.libreoffice.org.

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