I want to move exit, maximize, and minimize button to the left like I can do in Ubuntu 11.10. How to do it?

  • What version KDE are yo using? – Mitch May 22 '12 at 12:17
  • I guess I am using v5.7. Not sure how to check the version. – jokerdino May 22 '12 at 12:20
  • @fossfreedom Yep. Same question. Please delete this question. Thanks. – jokerdino May 23 '12 at 15:14

This is done in Window Decorations KDE Control Module.

Click Configure Buttons..., check Use custom titlebar button positions and rearrange everything as you like.



KDE/Plasma5 can set button placement by going to Application Style -> Window Decoration and then simply dragging the close, max and min buttons in the title bar where ever you want them.

enter image description here

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    The buttons are little difficult to move but this is the answer for modern Plasma. Thank you. – Pockets Apr 6 '20 at 2:59

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