I have tried all the solutions that i found here but still facing the same problem i even purged everything and installed mysql-server and got the same error i tryed to install

mysql-workbench.deb from mysql website but the same error

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 mysql-workbench : Depends: libgdal.so.1-1.11.3
                   Depends: libgdal1i (>= 1.8.0) but it is not going to be installed
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

has anyone experienced this problem ?

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    Do sudo dpkg --configure -a, then sudo apt install -f – George Udosen Aug 4 '17 at 14:42
  • same thing now im getting /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) – lotfio Aug 4 '17 at 14:45
  • Which worked for you? – George Udosen Aug 4 '17 at 14:47

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