For example, using this command:

dpkg-query -W -f '${Package}  -  ${Source}\n' | grep bind9

I get the following output on my machine:

bind9-host  -   bind9
bind9utils  -   bind9
dnsutils  -   bind9
libbind9-90  -   bind9
libdns100  -   bind9
libisc95  -   bind9
libisccc90  -   bind9
libisccfg90  -   bind9
liblwres90  -   bind9

does this mean all of these packages are compiled from a single bind9 source package? could anybody explain more inner working here?


The Source field comes from from the debian/control file of a Debian package archive (.deb), it is assigned to the name of the package containing the source code for that specific package. The name of this field is really upto the developer/maintainer, sometimes the deb is part of a bigger source (this is happening in the case of bind9 in your example), sometimes comes with a different name, sometimes same as the deb package name.

From a user's perspective, you can download any source package with (assuming you have enabled the source repositories (deb-src)):

apt-get source <deb-package-name>

So you just need to insert the correct deb package name, apt would pick the correct source package name from /var/lib/dpkg/status.

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