Using Ubuntu 14.4.05

I am logged in as the root user and have sudo access.

There are a number of user accounts currently setup on the system.

How can I view the full details about each of these users (via the command line)?

I need to see the information entered when the account was created such as 'Full Name', specifically 'Email Address'. I know the user names.

I tried the finger <username> command but it's telling me that finger isn't installed. I'd rather achieve this without installing any additional packages.

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    Usually 'Email Address' would be entered in the GECOS other field, which is part of the user's standard /etc/passwd file entry - have you tried simply using getent passwd <username>? Aug 3, 2017 at 15:51

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You can use the pinky command instead of finger. It is included with the GNU coreutils and should be installed on your system.

Use pinky -l username to get all information for a specific user.

There also is a chance that the email is in /etc/passwd you can check with cat /etc/passwd.

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