Greeting's, following is my laptop configuration including OS installation:

  1. SSD - 180 GB - Windows 10 Pro with systemroot drive (C:) - Encrypted - BitLocker ON.
  2. HDD - 1 TB - 5 partitions: A. 50 GB - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - ext4 file system. B. 10 GB - SWAP space for Ubuntu C, D and E - are NTFS partition - PLAINTEXT (BitLocker off). which I use only in windows.

When the system boots GRUB 2.02 beta takes over. I see Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with few options related to it and Windows 10 as DEV/SDA1/.

Here is the issue:

At times when I select windows, it boots normally and goes to BitLocker screen for password. However, more often than not it shows redraws the blank background (color resembling that of ubuntu grub screen earlier and just stay there. Only way for me to come out of this is to reboot the system.

Both the systems are fully patched as of this writing.

What can I do ensure a smooth boot cycle and not a hit or miss.

Thank you in advance!

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Following is the solution I've found, tested and currently using without any further problems.

As I click on "Windows" option, everything should be transferred to windows (boot sequence, POST, etc.). This concludes that the problem is before Windows bootloader and hence I edited following file to disable graphics for GRUB.

Boot into Ubuntu, open terminal and type:

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

#Uncomment to disable graphical terminal (grub-pc only) (remove the # before GRUB_TERMINAL line)


Update GRUB settings using:

sudo update-grub

and you're done!

PS: My system has on-board Intel graphics processor and Nvidia GTX graphic card (i've installed drivers in both windows and Ubuntu).


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