Good morning people,

I have an ultrabook in which I am currently using Windows because I "need" microsoft office. The laptop has two disks one SSD and one HDD

  • SSD: 30 GB
  • HDD: 320 GB
  • Memory: 4GB

I would like to go back to Linux as I would like to set up a mini game server to play with the people here in town. However, I also need the laptop for daily basic tasks, access to email, office, etc.

I initially thought of using the 30 GB of SSD as "\", however in what I read of this small project, it would be interesting to host the files of that server on the SSD also, where in this case only 5 GB would be sufficient to store all these files.

I could partition the disks as

  • "\" 25 GB SSD
  • 8GB HDD swap
  • "\ Home" 312 GB HDD

To create the other 5GB partition on the SSD for this server should I create another home or just any other folder?

Would 4GB of ram suffice to use Microsoft office via virtual box?

EDIT: Following this topic Optimize small SSD for ubuntu, from one of the comments, I should install all the system in SSD and then create a second directory in HDD for all media.

I should create this directory in the system installation or after it?

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