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I installed winamp 5.6 under wine in ubuntu. Now I have a winamp icon in the desktop, winamp menu entries under the wine menu in the "Application" menu, but worse of all: in nautilus some files (*.mp3 files) are associated with winamp.

This seems to be because ubuntu is trying to "better integrate wine". Here are some specs which all seem to be outdated:

How can I disable this integration?

  • File associations should never be set outside of wine.
  • Menu entries should never be created outside of wine.
  • Icons should never be created outside of wine.
  • Basically what goes in wine should stay in wine.

Using ubuntu lucid.

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My guess is that you would need to remove (purge) wine from the ubuntu repositories and download wine from winehq

You could try the ubuntu-wine ppa


See How do I correctly remove items from Wine Programs menu?

For your other items, you would need to file a bug report against wine on launchpad.

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