My /home directory was on the separate partition. By mistake I destroyed all the data on it. Now it's resized and formatted. It contains no directories but empty lost+found.

So I lost config data for soo many packages and I guess some packages could not work, or could work wrong. Am I right?

Is there a way to restore those many hidden subdirectories that packages created during installation? I suppose they'll be recreated if I managed to reinstall all installed packages.

  • Server 10.04 LTS,
  • /etc/skel is empty

Re-installing packages is not going to help as the . directories are automatically created when you use a package. You can start with cp /etc/bash.bashrc ~/.bashrc . Other then that, most of the . directories will be auto generated and you should not have lost anything other then various settings or configurations.

  • /etc/bash.bashrc will be sourced anyway when Bash starts. You can test this by checking that command_not_found works (/etc/bash.bashrc is the only config file that pulls this in). You can stop it being used by setting PS1 to an empty string when launching a shell, since, unlike ~/.bashrc, it checks whether the shell is interactive by determining whether it has PS1 Here's a demo. So copying /etc/bash.bashrc to ~/.bashrc doesn't do anything useful :( – Zanna Feb 24 '18 at 7:32

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