I installed Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit, but it couldn't detect my partitions(NTFS), There is just "file system" partition(Ubuntu partition) in "computer". What should I do now ? Thanks.


if you installed a dual boot (and didn't wipe the disk), you can edit (with sudo) /etc/fstab file (sudo nano /etc/fstab in a terminal for example) and add something like:

#Entry for windows partition:
UUID=6AB40410B403DD87   /mnt/win7   ntfs-3g defaults,suid,dev,exec,locale=pt_BR.utf8    

Where you replace locale=xxxx with your language (or don't use if English), /mnt/win7 with the place you want to mount the windows partition (create the directory first) and UUID=xxxxxx with the UUID of your windows partition (you cand find it, with gparted -- install from software center -- or disk utility).

(obs: in fstab entry, be sure to use only one TAB or space to separate the columns)

After edit, use sudo mount -a or reboot the machine to make it appear in the place you mounted it.

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