I installed MariaDB and failed to notice it replaces Mysql. During the install, it moved the Mysql data directory to mysql-5.7. I removed MariaDB and reinstalled Mysql and tried to restore my databases by simply moving them from mysql-5.7 to mysql and restarting Mysql. Mysql won't start again and therefore I cannot use mysqldump as suggested here - How to restore mysql databases after upgrading to mariadb. How can I restore my databases?

For reference, I am running Ubuntu Server 16.04 and Mysql 5.7.

  • What do you mean by it moved data directory to mysql-5.7? – George Udosen Aug 1 '17 at 6:06
  • While installing MariaDB, it stated The old data directory will be saved at new location. A file named /var/lib/mysql/debian-*.flag exists on this system. The number indicated a database binary format version that cannot automatically be upgraded (or downgraded). Therefore the previous data directory will be renamed to /var/lib/mysql-* and a new data directory will be initialized at /var/lib/mysql. Since the only folders in /var/lib that match that are mysql-files and mysql-5.7 and mysql-files is empty, I assume the mysql folder was moved to mysql-5.7. – Pockets Aug 1 '17 at 6:19

I figured this out:

  1. Copy the renamed folder (/var/lib/mysql_5.7) to a safe location. (If you preserve ownership & permissions you can probably skip fixing them in step 4.)

  2. Uninstall MySQL and remove all mysql related folders from /var/lib/.

  3. Reinstall MySQL.

  4. Check permissions on the new /var/lib/mysql/ files & folders. If your backed up files don't match, fix them to match. (Mine was

    chown -R mysql:mysql location_to_backed_up_folder/

    chmod 750 location_to_backed_up_folder/mysql/ location_to_backed_up_folder/any_other_folders/

    chmod 640 location_to_backed_up_folder/all_other_files

  5. Stop mysql

  6. Rename the backed up folder to "mysql"

  7. Copy the backed up folder & files (preserving ownership & permissions) to /var/lib/

    cp -aR location_of_backed_up_folder/ /var/lib/

  8. Restart mysql

  • saved my life ;) – newah May 17 at 14:05

You can continue using Maria Db if you have a copy of mysql-5.7 (in /var/lib while maria db got installed) to some temporary location.

Now, in your /var/lib, you will have a folder called mysql which is your current db (without your old dump).

Now, stop your mysql. Move the mysql folder in /var/lib to some location for safety purpose and move the mysql-5.7 folder to /var/lib and rename it as mysql. Set the same privileges as set for previous mysql folder.

Restart mysql service again. You will have the old dump now.

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    this does not work and causes the system failing to start – user1034912 Oct 6 '18 at 12:50

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