I have upgraded Ubuntu MATE 16.10 to 17.04. Now I have a problems with keyboard shortcuts. So, I used Ctrl+Shift to switch keyboard layouts. Words selection (Ctrl+Shift+Arrows) worked on 16.10 and failed after upgrade. I have switched keyboard layout to Alt+Shift and words selection starts to work again. I found the similar question without answer.

How can I use my favorite layout switcher combination Ctrl+Shift and words selection (Ctrl+Shift+Arrows) at the same time?


It is known ugly bug - see launchpad bug 1245473.

I'm writing this from Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS with MATE DE. It does not have this problem.
I'm using Ctrl+Shift layout switcher for English and Russian languages.

But MATE on Ubuntu 17.10 has this problem - see other launchpad bug 1720364.

My complete position is written in comment 528 for bug 1218322 at launchpad.

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