I'm running Windows Subsystem for Linux and the color in Windows console is bad. I like the color palette in Ubuntu 16.04 very much. I've already known how to change the colors in a Windows console, and all I need is the colors from Ubuntu terminal. I use 16.04 with its default desktop environment, ubuntu-unity. What's the colors' RGB values in the default terminal? Foreground colors and background colors.

echo -e "\e[30;1mA\e[31;1mB\e[32;1mC\e[33;1mD\e[34;1mE\e[35;1mF\e[36;1mG\e[37;1mH"
  1. Open the Ubuntu default terminal, right-click it's title bar and select Always On Top to keep it easily accessible for a screenshot. Then open GIMP. You can install GIMP by typing this into a terminal: sudo apt install gimp

  2. In GIMP, go to File->Create->Screenshot

  3. Select Take a screenshot of a single window and include window decoration

  4. Set the Delay to 2-5 seconds

  5. Click the Snap button.

  6. After the Delay time, your mouse pointer will become a Plus-Sign/Cross. Click the Terminal window with this cross.

  7. A screenshot of the window will then open up in GIMP.

  8. You can then use the color picker tool to click on any color in the screenshot, which sets the foreground color. You will see thee foreground color box change color as you click different colors. You can then click on the foreground color rectangle and it will open a window with your RGB values for that color.

  9. If you are having a hard time picking the color of the fonts, you can zoom in and out in GIMP the + and - keys, or you can do the usual CRTL+mouse-wheel up/down.

The terminal background color is: R=48, G=10, B=36

The terminal white font is: R=255, G=255, B=255

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