I'd like to create a bash function like this:

acmcom source.cpp output

It's supposed to do the same thing as:

g++ -g -O2 -std=gnu++14 -static source.cpp -o output

But I couldn't find anything on how to do this in Ubuntu using bashscr file. How can I define this function for further usages?


If you want to define a function, you can add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc:

    echo g++ -g -O2 -std=gnu++14 -static "$1" -o "$2" > acmcom

Save the file, open a new terminal and you can now run:

acmcom  source.cpp output
  • Well what I wanted came with some small changes: acmcom() { g++ -g -O2 -std=gnu++14 -static "$1" -o "$2" } I didn't want it echoed. I needed it to be executed. But thanks :) – Mohammed Farahmand Aug 5 '17 at 11:09

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