In my day-by-day work, I type texts in various languages. My usual behavior is that at each given moment I toggle between only two, e.g.:

  • English and Ukrainian
  • English and Thai
  • English and German

…but never e.g. Thai and German.

It is fairly easy to setup everything except the cyclic change the second input (Ukrainian, Thai, German). Currently, I simply assign them with individual shortcuts, e.g.:

  • Ukrainian Alt+2;
  • Thai Alt+3;
  • German Alt+4.

So, if I'm, for example, in English+Ukrainian pair, I press Alt+4, and further pressing the layout switch (I'm using RCtrl) switches between English+German only.

This is a (poorly drawn) diagram of what I need:

Cyclic diagram

Question: is possible to replace the whole bunch of Alt+Digits with a single cycling key?
In terms of the diagram above, I want to replace many different Key2's with a single one.

I'm on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS with KDE desktop.

My ~/.config/kxkbrc contains the following (split the line to fit):


You can simply press Super+Space to cycle between all your input source.

You can change the shortcut in the same settings window where you can add new input sources. You can find it under System Setting > Keyboard > Text Entry (small button/link in the bottom left corner of Keyboard window).

Here you can see the Text Entry settings window:

Text Entry window

  • Thanks, but cyclic change is the system default. This is what grp:(whatever)_toggle actually does. This is not what I need simply because removing LayoutLoopCount=2 would ruin the single-key switching between the two selected inputs. – bytebuster Jul 29 '17 at 22:27

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