I want to edit my audio real-time.

On Windows there's Voice Meeter & (required) Virtual Audio Cable, I want to edit out my keyboard clicks (by adding a noise gate), any way to do this here in Ubuntu?

A tutorial on how to setup would be appreciated.


It is possible to mix audio in Puseaudio similar to voicemeeter, but not so easy to add noise gate that i know of.

Better to use JACK sound server for mixers and effects.

For mixer that will also host effects try: non-mixer

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You can use Audacity which is an audio waveform editing platform, with many plugins and tools for editing audio files. Or you can use a DAW application like Ardour which you can use to edit audio and filter it through plug-ins to get your final product.

There's also abgate which is a noise gate plug-in, that can be used with Ardour. Some others may also get installed when you install Audacity and Ardour, and there are several other plug-in packages available to install as well, which may also include other noise gate options.

You can simply install either of them from Ubuntu Software and then just start using them.

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  • Audacity is not for real-time – Matas Vault Aug 4 '17 at 16:58

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