I have a game - Delta Force Black Hawk Down - which I used to play on Windows but since I got rid of it (Windows) I tried to use wine to play. When I insert the CD to install I run the autorun and when I open the shortcut on the desktop the game is opens with a weird resolution.

When I somehow manage to open a new window, game's resolution seems fine. The problem started when I installed the games' extension pack from the OFFICIAL CD and then the game didn't open...

I removed wine, completely installed the latest one and installed the game again through PlayOnLinux. Sometimes the game freezes with weird sounds coming from it. However, in PlayOnLinux I'm not able to open a new window of the game.

So, this leads me to asking here how can I make my game open with the correct resolution automatically? The game supports several resolutions - none works - the one it configured according to my PC was 1024x768. I have Intel HD 3000 graphics.

enter image description here


I just figured out the answer:

  • Pressing F4 changes the resolution for the desired (native) resolution for this game.

Running the game again confirmed the proper resolution is kept.

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