I noticed some errors since yesterday. When I plugged in my power cable, my laptop froze (couldn't do anything besides a hard reboot).

When I tried to boot without power cable, I get a black screen after I log in to my account (so I do see the login screen)

When I boot with power cable, no problem. When I unplug power cable, no problem. When I plug power cable in again... freeze

I have my laptop for just 7 days, it's a fresh install. I only installed "tlp" as that was recommanded for handling power management.

I have a 512 GB SSD, nvidia GTX 1050, no touchscreen

Oh and I have a dual boot with windows 10. Windows doesn't have any of these issues.

I really have no clue what the issue can be.


I "fixed" it by replacing the nouveau driver with the nvidia driver. Now the problems are completely gone.

I guess I now need to read up on how to make sure that nvidia won't drain my battery...

If anybody knows any better methods that don't involve a nonfree driver, let me know.

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