Ubuntu 16.04 How to install rsync server for other systems to access via ssh using cron

Setup: system "prime" with Ubuntu 16.04 and a second hard drive just for backups.

/dev/sdb1 is mounted at /mnt via using blkid to get the uuid then adding a line to /etc/fstab

I created a subdirectory named /mnt/full/prime for the first backup, of the prime boot SSD contents.

--> Running the command:

sudo rsync -aAXv / --delete --ignore-errors --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} /mnt/full/prime

does indeed make a nice mirror copy of the root file system into that directory /mnt/full/prime

It is totally cool - like Robocopy with the /MIR option - it only transfers changes so runs a lot faster after the files have been copied the first time.

Now, to set it up for others to access, I found this article

How to Use rsync to Backup Your Data on Linux

It says to run the following command:

sudo apt-get install ssh rsync

it installed normally.
--EDIT: This turns out to be unnecesary. --END EDIT--

All of my systems have the passwordless login set up in both directions.

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub <target-system>

and I have no problem with passwordless scp copies and ssh.

So I then created a subdirectory under mnt/full for my next system "solar" - /mnt/full/solar and using ssh into the Raspbian system "solar" I issued the same rsync command but with the target directory being pi@prime:/mnt/full/solar

mkdir /mnt/full/solar
ssh solar
sudo rsync -aAXv / --delete --ignore-errors --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} pi@prime:/mnt/full/solar

but it prompted me for the password to pi@prime - rsync does not respect the normal passwordless login setup.

Once I entered the password the copy proceeded normally.

So now all seems well except this won't work as a daily cron job if it is going to prompt for a password.

The question is in the title: Ubuntu 16.04 rsync via ssh prompts me for password, how to make it a cron job?

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    I think it's that it works as the login user but not the sudo user. – Larry R. Irwin Jul 25 '17 at 18:09
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    Can you log in via SSH as super-user if you specify the key file manually, i. e. sudo ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa pi@prime? Also, it may be better to run the job as your regular user altogether via user cron jobs. – David Foerster Jul 26 '17 at 2:02
  • Larry: I am running this from the command line, logged in as pi on both ends. David: You can see in the question that I did that precise command. But I also agree that I don't need this to be done automatically, really. I'll settle for just doing the entire file system once a month or so. I already have other cron jobs that use scp to transfer the data files that change on a daily basis. But it is a curiosity. – SDsolar Jul 26 '17 at 3:34
  • @SDsolar no, you show ssh-copy-id being run without sudo and rsync being run with sudo. – muru Jul 27 '17 at 1:47

This should do it:

sudo rsync -e 'ssh -i /path/to/pi's/id_rsa' -aAXv / --delete --ignore-errors --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/m‌​nt/*","/media/*","/l‌​ost+found"} pi@prime:/mnt/solar
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    @SDsolar, It's because the command is executing as root - so it was looking in /root/.ssh or in /etc/ssh vs. looking in pi's home directory. – Larry R. Irwin Jul 26 '17 at 21:18
  • @SDsolar I rejected your edit, because -e is for setting the SSH command that rsync will use, using ssh-copy-id instead will simply cause rsync to fail. "e, --rsh=COMMAND specify the remote shell to use" – muru Jul 27 '17 at 2:23
  • When I do this it asks for a passphrase - showing that it found the correct /home/pi/.ssh/id_rsa.pub file. When I originally did ssh-keygen I made my key to have a null passphrase. --> I can ssh from the workstation terminal and get into the server without any prompting, so I know the keys are working... Ideas? – SDsolar Mar 6 '18 at 4:07
  • sudo ssh -i /home/pi/.ssh/id_rsa.pub pi@prime:/mnt/solar<br/> is not getting a prompt for a passphrase? – Larry R. Irwin Mar 7 '18 at 16:13
  • That's correct. I am mystified. For now have a set of scp scripts for directories that are being updated frequently. It works in cron with no problem. I don't know why rsync is different. – SDsolar Jun 10 '18 at 22:35

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