When I get to the login screen, I put my password, and I only get a black screen for 2 seconds, then we're back at the login screen. When I log in to the guest account everything works perfectly.

What I've tried; I deleted .Xauthority as per instructions from elsewhere. No luck I removed 2 lines I put in .profile. No change Installed Gnome, but Unity, Unity 2D, various vers of gnome, same thing.

according to other q/a's, this could be caused by lack of disk space. I have 80 gigs free, so I would assume it's not that

if I Ctrl+Alt+F2 at login, I can login in to my account in the "terminal" with no problem. I would really appreciate any help to restore my account, and thank you very much beforehand


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It works perfectly now. I decided to examine my .profile file again, and I discovered a rogue apostrophe at the end of the last line. I must have grazed the ' button when I input those 2 lines, that I removed later. Delete that and everything is good. Thank you for helping me.

PS. using 11.10

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You have to change owner for these files: .Xauthority and .profile, exist in your /home directory. see bellow for example.

Press alt+ctrl+f2, you'll be prompt on terminal, now log-in same user account in which you facing problem and use these commands:

ls -lha
sudo chown username:username .Xauthority
sudo chown username:username .profile

Where username is that username which you need to login.

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