Does anyone know of a time tracker app that logs which program you are using. So, if I'm using LibreOffice it'll log me as working, but then when the focus switches back to chrome, it'll log me as "procrastinating"


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It seems that arbtt, the automatic rule based time tracker, is what you are looking for. The code is here on Github.

Like you want it, the arbtt-capture daemon collects information about which window has been the active window for how long (while counting time without any action as "idle" once a configurable threshold is hit). You then use a second program arbtt-stats to analyze the collected data, providing statistics about how much time you spent on what.

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I had been using Replicon’s time tracking software which is an easy to use web application. It has a simple to use interface and great usability features which helps in easy project and time tracking and management for business projects.


I've had good luck with rescuetime.com under Ubuntu and Mac OSX for time tracking. The free version will give you a 3 month window.

The customized goals have been fun to play with. I made a goal of less than .1 minutes of "uncategorized" time to make sure that nearly everything is categorized somehow.

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