Since upgrading to 11.10, I have had issues with Unity. It seems as though every other time I reboot, the applications lens disappears. Sometimes it's there, other times it is not.

When it is not there, I obviously can't browse or launch applications.

I have tried re-installing unity, unity-lens-applications, and unity-place-applications using apt-get install --reinstall, but no luck.

This is super frustrating.

I'd appreciate any help.


enter image description here

after reboot


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I had the same problem but with Version: 5.0.0~+bzr1825ubuntu0+611 I removed ~/.cache/software-center and it started working again.

Don't know if it is the right thing todo, but it seems to work at least.

  • This may have worked for me too. The application lens has been loading consistently for the past few reboots. Thank you.
    – astjohn
    Jan 21, 2012 at 13:07

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