I came back from vacation, inserted my ubuntu flash drive into server and fired it up, only to find out that df -h reports 0 free space. 100% full 3.8GB drive.

I installed ubuntu server on flash usb key, and I'm pretty sure it was half empty before leaving. Plus I had it unpluged during my stay out so no hacking could take place.

Now I wonder what happened with free space? corrupted? damaged? temp files? what is it??

I also found that history wouldn't show me any history... on that box. weird.


You will need to look around to answer that. Try the disk usage analyzer. You might also check it for errors in the disk utility.

  • I found in / a file called movie about 2.5GB in size. It's not a folder and has no extension, don't understand what it is... any thoughts? could it be cache of subsonic I've installed? – user25389 Jan 8 '12 at 18:57

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