I have an MKV file here that will play in the default Videos app but muted, and won't play at all in VLC (no error message, but a black screen and no sound). I already installed the recommended codecs for VLC, i.e. I ran the command sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-libde265.

When I open the file in Videos it says it can't find the plugin for "media files of the following type: audio/x-unknown decoder", then plays the muted video. Checking the file's properties does indeed show the audio codec as "unknown". I opened it in MediaInfo and it says:

English, 48.0 KHZ, 32 bits, 2 channels, Opus

So I tried to download the Opus codec, and Ubuntu told me it was already installed.

  • Can you post the full output from mediainfo in your question? If possible it would be great if you could put the file itself online somewhere too... – andrew.46 Jul 21 '17 at 9:56

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