Today I've spent all day trying to fix an Ubuntu 11.04 but I failed. I didn't wanted to upgrade one step further because I am trying to avoid Unity, but I had to recover that PC so I installed 11.10, now after a few hours I am not hating it so much, I kinda like it but I still don't quite understand some things.

For example, I found I was able to drag and drop apps from the dash home results to the left bar and they will get "sticked" there, but later I installed VirtualBox, which doesn't appear on dash home results (but if I type it on a console it does launch fine).

So how could I add VirtualBox to the left bar when I can't find it on dash home search results to drag and drop it? I don't just want to add the main VirtualBox to the bar, but also the virtual machines shortcut, like I use to do in previous Ubuntu versions by just adding an application launcher to the menu.


The virtualbox icon will appear in the launcher on the side when you launch the application in Terminal, correct? If so, right-click the Virtualbox icon and click "Keep in Launcher".

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