The first time I installed the hearthstone with the file downloaded from blizzard via "Installing a non-listed program". In that time luncher was loaded and the only problem was starting hearthstone it stuck at a black screen.

The second time I tried to download on the list of POL. First time I got errors but second time after I got error and Battle.net Luncher did not install and crashed. I just copied the Blizzard app folder from the old download and replaced it.

Battle.net Luncher is running and I can login and when I click play and Hearthstone starts just a Black screen appears and that's all I get !

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64 Wine 2.01 x86 system set: windows xp (source)

PlayonLinux 4.2.10 wine 2.12-stagin wine 1.9.18


Main Questions:

I can't install wininet while winetricks wininet command or PlayonLinux Configuration > Install Components > wininet does not work because they both link to download from MS servers and this file is deleted from their servers.

Q: while I can login and even the Luncher loads its news that means I have no problem of connecting to servers, is it necessary to install wininet ? (while it only interacts with HTTP protocols to connect to Internet)

Q: According to this Workaround For Black / Distorted Battle.net UI On Linux (Wine) With Intel Graphics while I could not update my Intel graphic driver, even I tried to install Intel Graphics Update Tool for Linux* OS v2.0.2 but I couldn't install it. It stuck at middle of installing via Software Install.

LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program*/[Folder name]/"Battle.net Launcher.exe"
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program*/[Folder name]/"Battle.net Launcher.exe" -opengl
did not work.

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These steps worked for me:

1) Install: $ winetricks dotnet40

2) On the battle.net app, go on hearthsone page, click on the Options then open the Game Settings now check the Additional command line arguments and type there : -force-d3d9

3) Change your wine windows version to windows 7

4) Terminate all your wine apps and now start your hearthstone

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