I want to get a list of all packages installed by default in a snap. When trying to find dependencies of a program to create a snap I want to know if certain packages are or are not already in the snap core. It would be nice if this could be done from command line. Ideally I should get a list of installed packages on a default snap but also on a particular snap so I could grep it.


You can often find the packages that a snap bundles as dependencies by going to /snap/yourSnapName/current/snap/snapcraft.yaml.in or /snap/yourSnapName/current/snap/snapcraft.yaml. Or you can try and find the snapcraft.yaml in a GitHub repo online.

That's not a complete answer for your use-case, I think a manifest might be what you're looking for? That feature has not yet been developed.

  • I was trying to create a snap, so I don't have a yaml file. I was trying to avoid adding packages to the yaml that are already in the core. – lapisdecor Oct 22 '17 at 16:07

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