I'm a new user to Ubuntu and confront a problem through some process:

  • There's a freeware called TDEFNODE coded with Fortran and runs under Ubuntu. So I've just installed Ubuntu 14 on a virtual drive.
  • My friend compiled the program, download "gfortran" and "tcsh", and put some syntax in the .bashrc to show the shell that the program is in some folder.
  • The software runs fine from the terminal and creates a lot of result files. Some of these files are used to draw some certain shapes and vectors.
  • Program needs another program called GMT so I downloaded it with all packages from the Ubuntu software center.
  • The real problem I encounter is that; a file which is called "td_plot". This is another file in the software folder and uses the output files and GMT software together to draw certain type of files, like .ps. A sample command is like this:

    td_plot -p map -m aaaa -obsv -calc

    And this means : Plot a map which results are in the ".aaaa" files. And show the "observation" and "calculated" vectors on this map.

  • This command produce files, but files include maps without these vectors.

  • As I understood, this td_plot file having commands used under "tcsh" and the misdrawing issue is about that.

  • All the process I've done until here is made under bashrc.

Any ideas to run this tcsh file properly?



As I understand until now, the problem is that the script is full of commands from "tcsh" shell. Scripts starts with a "#!/bin/tcsh -f", which means to run the script with the tcsh shell(which is installed).

But the problem remains the same, output files are incorrect and missing some properties.

Is there a way around to change the shell to tcsh and run this script with it?

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Finally, I figured out to work with these softwares. I don't want this topic to be a dead end, so I'll simply explain the installation process. Maybe it'll be useful somehow:

  1. Installation and next process seems to rely on the versions of the softwares.
  2. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on a VMware virtual machine(4 CPUs, 4 GB RAM).
  3. Install netcdf(libnetcdf-dev) and gdal(libgdal1-dev).
  4. Download GMT-4.5.14, GSHHG-GMT-2.3.4, GMT4param.txt, and install_gmt4.sh
  5. Change the parameters on GMT4param.txt: GSHHG_ftp=n GSHHG_path= (installation path) GMT_ftp=n GMT_prefix= (installation path) GMT_delete=n
  6. Install these files, using: sudo sh install_gmt4.sh GMT4param.txt
  7. Add PATH of GMT to your .bashrc file.

These steps are for GMT.


  1. Download and compile TDEFNODE.
  2. Put all the files in a directory.
  3. Specify the PATHs for TDEFNODE and td_plot in .bashrc
  4. Install tcsh package.

Now the software runs and works with GMT. Seems no error so far.

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