I created some icons on my launcher using Google Chrome's "Add to desktop" tool. I would like to change the icon however.

Where are the corresponding .desktop files that represent my Google Chrome apps?

From there I imagine I can use the following instructions to change the icon: How to : Change an icon in 16.04


Sorry for the really late delay, I hope you found a solution to this but if not I'm here to help!

I was recently trying to do the same thing and after some digging around I found the .desktop file located under ~/.local/share/applications. It had a name like chrome-randomestringhere-Default.desktop I was able to find which one it was by doing a quick grep in this directory for the name I saved the icon as.

grep -r DesktopIconName ~/.local/share/applications

After this you are correct that you can change the icon logo using the methods described in the link you provided.

  • Thanks! I've done some digging since then and I actually found 3 '.desktop' files being created every time I used the Chrome "add to desktop" tool. One in each of these locations: /home/selah/.gnome/apps/chrome*.desktop, /home/selah/.local/share/applications/chrome*.desktop, /home/selah/Desktop/chrome*.desktop Does the same happen with you? – Selah Feb 12 '18 at 15:57

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