I'm using Ubuntu 17.04. I'm trying to change the spelling check from English to Spanish. Apparently the dictionary that Texmaker is currently using is stored in


but myspell is no where to be found. How can I change the dictionary?

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my friend, before anything else I warn you that I am new to all this, so I do not understand everything ... but I had exactly the same problem as you and I was able to solve it!

What I did was use Synaptic, and download the myspell-es package. After that the myspell-es package appears as installed (in green) in Synaptic. Then I right click on the package, and opened properties, there several tabs and I went to the tab "installed files", Here are the directories where the files were installed, for example: "/usr/share/hunspell/es_AR.dic" (Which was the one I used for texmaker and it worked!)

I hope to have been understandable, lucky!

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