I am having issues with the audio output while running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my HP Omen laptop.

I had to install the latest Nvidia driver for the HDMI video output to work but still there is no sound. I have looked through Pulse and tried to modify the configuration to HDMI, however all outputs say that they are unplugged. It also does not come up in the Sound Settings and when I list devices in the terminal ,it says that HDMI output is not available. I am also unable to see Bluetooth audio devices in Pulse when they're connected (unsure if this is related).

How do I resolve this issue ?


You have to edit the sound setting and make audio out to hdmi. Other wise sound will be from either ubuntu machine or ubuntu machine and hdmi both together.

Follow this blog, it should work. I am looking for some automated solution too. Will update when found a better solution.

Fix No Sound Through HDMI In External Monitor In Ubuntu Linux


I have yet to find a permanent solution offered that worked with my setup, but I have a similar issue in Win10 sometimes, and it seems that Sleep/ctrl-f1 and back will somehow "wake up" the HDMI audio. It's slightly annoying, but works for some, like me.

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