I'm running Ubuntu 16.10 with ZFS and ZSH installed.

Expected behaviour:

As the root user, I can press tab to autocomplete zfs commands and paths. It works both in zsh and bash. As a non-root user, I can do so in bash. It works like this:

# zfs snapshot poTab# zfs snapshot pool

Actual behaviour in zsh:

While it always works fine in bash, the non-root user (which is in the sudo group) can not tab complete in zsh. I get a permission error like this:

$ sudo zfs snapshot poTab

$ sudo zfs snapshot poPermission denied the ZFS utilities must be run as root.
Permission denied the ZFS utilities must be run as root.
zfs               zfs snapshot po

I assume it has problems since the user do not have sufficient permissions by his own to read a particular something. Via sudo, the user do have permissions to do so, but I guess that the zsh compinit does not run via sudo.

But there is obviously some way to get it to work, since Bash manages it just fine.


How can I get zsh to autocomplete correctly?

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