I used Ubuntu One Files on my iPhone and I enabled Auto-Upload Camera Roll feature. The app started uploading 500+ photos stored on my iPhone's Camera Roll, and it created a new folder titled "Pictures - iPhone". Later on, I fire up my Ubuntu desktop and I see that Ubuntu One was syncing and it created a new folder on my home directory titled "Pictures - iPhone".

The questions are:

  1. How is the correct way to move this folder into another folder (e.g: Pictures | Pictures - iPhone)?
  2. Is it also possible to rename the folder?

What I meant by correct way above, is that I do not want to break the sync with Ubuntu One Files on my iPhone - I do not want to upload 500+ photos again.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Currently the iOS version of Ubuntu One Files is not able to change which directory uploaded photos are uploaded to. I enquired whether this function will be added and was told that this should be added in a future update to the application. This functionality is already available to users of the Ubuntu One Files Android application.

I imagine that the procedure for doing what you ask will be the same as you currently do for the Android app, so I'll add the steps here and it should be approximately the same when the functionality is eventually added to iOS.

Firstly in Ubuntu create the new folder where you want the pictures to be uploaded to, then right click on the folder and select Synchronise this Folder from the Ubuntu One section in the menu:

enter image description here

When the functionality is added to the iOS app you should be able to select this newly created folder through the settings menu and all new photos will be uploaded to this folder. In the Android app this setting is located in Settings > Auto Upload Settings > Upload Photos to: The iOS options will probably be similar when they are added.

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