I know it sounds like a stupid question, but really, how do I search for files (for instance, I want to find all files that have "python" in the name) in a folder using Thunar? I know there is "Search" (catfish search tool) when you right click the window, but you can't copy the files you found.

I'm using Ubuntu Xfce.


Where Thunar may struggle with your needs the command line will not. To illustrate this I have created a directory filled with 'pythonesque' files, except for one:

andrew@illium~/test$ ls -1

Now to copy all of the python related filenames to another directory, leaving our non-python file uncopied:

andrew@illium~/test$ cp -v *python* $HOME/another_directory/
'blah_blah_python.jpg' -> '/home/andrew/another_directory/blah_blah_python.jpg'
'python_rulz.txt' -> '/home/andrew/another_directory/python_rulz.txt'
'test_python.txt' -> '/home/andrew/another_directory/test_python.txt'

Note that the non-python named file has been excluded. Perhaps this will suit your needs better rather than trying to massage Thunar beyond its modest capabilities?

  • Well typing in command line won't satisfy my needs, but thanks. I've got a lot of processing to do, so I need a GUI. Was it a good idea to uninstall Thunar and install Nautilus? – nuked0ne Jul 5 '17 at 14:48
  • @nuked0ne Thunar is a little basic I guess but I am not convinced that Nautilus would be more useful for your purpose. Hopeful a GUI File Manager expert will come along with a more useful answer :) – andrew.46 Jul 13 '17 at 10:44

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