I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 and I have a few little bash aliases set up like this:

alias radio='cvlc http://internet/radio/stream.pls -q'

so I can just quickly fire up some music in Bash. Is there a command I can add to disable suspend while VLC is running and enable it again when I exit VLC? I know I can change the power settings but I'd rather not do that every time I want to play some Internet radio. What's a better general solution?


I wrote an answer to the question: How to make Ubuntu beep (a few seconds) before suspend? a few days ago, I'm going to use the same concept for your situation.

Install xdotool package:

sudo apt install xdotool

Create a script, save it somewhere you like:

sleep 2
while [ `pgrep -x vlc` ]
 xdotool key shift 
 sleep 60;

Change you alias to:

alias radio='bash ~/path/myscript.sh & cvlc http://internet/radio/stream.pls -q'

Now this script makes some fake activities every minute while vlc is running so your computer is not going to sleep.

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