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Is it safe to use gdebi instead of Ubuntu Software Center to install .deb files?

Is there a way to install DEB-files the old fashion way in Ubuntu 11.10? I can't install them through Software Central (Programcentral För Ubuntu in Swedish). I wanna be abel to install them like in 7.10. Is this possible?

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Yes, Ubuntu 7.10 used GDebi for installing .deb files.
Just install GDebi (GTK) from the software centre and set it as the default application for handling .deb files.


Why can you not install them via the software center ?

What do you mean "like in 7.10" ?

sudo apt-get install foo

apt-get will resolve dependencies.

sudo dpkg -i your_package.deb

with dpkg you will need to resolve dependencies


You can open a terminal and type:

sudo dpkg -i ~/path.to.deb

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