How to install Pinegrow 3.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.2?
Pinegrow has changed the way the packaged .zip file gets installed. I cannot find a .deb file and cannot seem to run program from command line. I can't figure out how to get a launcher or find program in Unity search. I cannot find install instructions on Pinegrow website or support area of their website.

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Originally posted by burliway777 as part of their question instead of as an answer.

Here are the steps I have performed:

Pinegrow Linux Install on Ubuntu 16.04

Verified Install on: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
*Unofficial and Not Supported method of installing Pinegrow 3.0
*Please read comments of users before doing the install as I am a hobbyist Linux user and others may provide more advanced, better or correct way of doing things.
There may be corrections to syntax or command line errors.
*I apologize in advance for using my Google drive for files and will modify the post once I get a better public repository to store the files.

  • This guide helps to get Pinegrow 3.0 installed, search-able via Unity Search “Pinegrow”, shows Pinegrow Icon, and allow drag n drop of launch icon to launcher bar.
  • This guide does not address command line execution of Pinegrow or getting PATH set correctly.

This method of installing Pinegrow on Ubuntu Linux will:

  • Create a top level folder in /opt named Pinegrow to store Pinegrow Installed Versions
  • Create a sub folder in /opt/Pinegrow named 3.0 to hold v3.0 self-contained application
  • Modify the Pinegrow.desktop file in the extracted , downloaded .zip file
  • Add a Pinegrow “pinegrow.png” icon file to root of the extracted folder
  • copy extracted and modified folder contents to /opt/Pinegrow
  • mv Pinegrow.desktop to /usr/share/applications

Pre-install checks:

In Terminal run: Note: This command verifies version of Ubuntu

lsb_release -a

Note-Output should be something like below.

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
Release:    16.04
Codename:   xenial

In Terminal run: uname -a

Output of command we are looking for:

86_64 GNU/Linux

Note: The 64 indicating 64bit

So, we now know that we are running on Ubuntu 16.04.2 and have 64bit support.

2:) Download the PinegrowLinux64.3.0.zip file
current URL is: https://pinegrow.com/
click download button

3:) Right-Click on downloaded xx.ZIP file select “Extract Here”

4:) Download and move pinegrow.png to root level of extracted folder
See Google Drive folder for screen-shot file structure that should be in /opt/Pinegrow/3.0 as example directory structure.

5:) Right-click and Rename extracted folder from PinegrowLinux64.3.0 to 3.0

6:) Type in terminal:

cd ~  
cd /opt  
sudo mkdir Pinegrow  
cd Pinegrow  
mv ~/Downloads/3.0 .  
Cd 3.0  
sudo nano Pinegrow.desktop  

Copy and paste code in the example file ( Same location shared on Google drive link ) into the Pinegrow.desktop file

[Desktop Entry]  
GenericName=HTML Editor  
Comment=Create Awesome Websites with Pinegrow  
Exec=sh -c "/opt/Pinegrow/3.0/PinegrowLibrary"  

*Make sure to not add it, but let it be the only lines in the file

press CTRL+o to save file.

press Enter to save as default listed name (Pinegrow.desktop)

press CTRL+x on keyboard to exit and go back to command prompt

sudo mv Pinegrow.desktop /usr/share/applications    
  • Final Notes before any revision or comments: I think all these steps are correct and it brings the desired results, excluding any typing errors.
  • As a novice Linux user I did perform what is believe to be un-needed steps which was changing /opt/Pinegrow and /opt/Pinegrow/3.0 permissions using chmod 777 on the folders, but not sub dirs or files.
  • I did not make any changes to .profile, .bashrc or other PATH related files.

  • So far in testing-Working as desired and expected

  • Someone really cool make have time to make this a lot easier and get a script made for this. If no one has time for that at least most of the steps and pain has been alleviated for others.

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