I have a laptop with integrated Intel GPU and GeForce 940MX. With nouveau driver glxgears is working fine, but with proprietary nvidia drivers isn't:

$ glxgears
Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual

NVIDIA X Server Settings doesn't have any settings: NVIDIA X Server Settings

I've tried to install nvidia-375 and nvidia-381 via Driver Manager and manually via apt-get. Drivers are installed without errors, but they don't work.

Nvidia Prime has two equal options to switch to:

$ sudo prime-select nvidia
Info: the current GL alternatives in use are: ['nvidia-381-prime', 'nvidia-381-prime']
Info: the current EGL alternatives in use are: ['nvidia-381-prime', 'nvidia-381-prime']

Here's the screenshot from Driver Manager: Driver Manager

And lspci:

$ lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D'
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 5916 (rev 02)
    Subsystem: Lenovo Device 505c
    Kernel driver in use: i915
01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 940MX] (rev a2)
    Subsystem: Lenovo GM108M [GeForce 940MX]
    Kernel driver in use: nvidia

Update: Here's errors from Xorg.0.log:

[    13.919] (EE) [drm] Failed to open DRM device for (null): -22
[    13.948] (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)

Thanks for any help.

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