I'm a new user setting up ubuntu on a virtual pc using VMWare Workstation. At this stage I want to install VMWare Tools. I have taken a few steps, however i do not know how to procceed [see image].

Steps I have taken so far.

  1. Installing Ubuntu 14.04
  2. unpacking the tar.gz file containing the vmware tools to desktopm
  3. typing the three commands

    cd Desktop  
    cd vmware-tools-distrib  
    sudo ./vmware-install.pl [en-dash]d

I get asked to give sudo password. next on my screen is this message

VMWare Tools 10.1.6 build-5214329 for Linux installer
Usage: ./vmware-install.pl
default: Automatically answer questions with the proposed answer.
force-install: install even if open-vm-tools packages are available for this
[[-][-]prefix=<path to install product: bin, lib, doc>]
Put the installation at <path> instead of the default location.
This implies '--default'.
Force to regenerate server key/cert files if they already exist.
--clober -kernel-modules=<module1,module2,...
Forcefully removes any VMware related modules installed by any other installer 
and installs the modules provided by this installer. 
This is a comma separated list of modules.

Now what to do next?


Don't install the distributed VMware Tools. VMware recommends that users install open-vm-tools (on Ubuntu Server) or open-vm-tools-desktop (on Ubuntu Desktop). See VMware KB article "VMware support for Open VM Tools (2073803)". Using open-vm-tools has the advantage that the package will then be upgraded together with all other packages on the system.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop

You may want to avoid installing useless recommended packages:

sudo apt-get --no-install-recommends install open-vm-tools-desktop

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