I used to use the shortcut Ctrl+s to freeze the terminal output when a command is giving a fast output (it allows you to read what the command is giving), and unfreeze it after that using the shortcut Ctrl+q.

But this shortcut is no longer working on Ubuntu 17.04 , clicking on Ctrl+s only give me the output ^S.

This is really driving me crazy, why on earth would Ubuntu devs disable this shortcut ?? and how am I suppose to make it work again ?

Additional informations

I am using Ubuntu 17.04 with the desktop budgie-desktop, the terminal terminix (although I also tried this with gnome-terminal, and it isn't working neither), and the shell I am using is fish shell (although I tried also with bash and zsh, and it isn't working neither).


I can't believe this, it is actually the fish shell that is doing this. I tried on another machine with Ubuntu 17.04 with zsh as the default shell, and it is working just fine. Just when I install fish shell and call it, this error occurs.

I will try to find a solution and post it here.


Apperently, it is the fish shell which is disabling this feature. I asked on their github page how to enable it back, and they said :

Currently, this isn't possible to change from your end. We just unconditionally disable it.

Here is the link for the issue https://github.com/fish-shell/fish-shell/issues/4168.

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