I'd like to do this without giving feedback to the user as well, because a program I'm making will use it many times.

What didn't work:

  • scrot (No mouse pointer)
  • import -window root (No mouse pointer)
  • xwd -root (No mouse pointer)
  • fbgrab (I'm not using a framebuffer, apparently)
  • gnome-screenshot -p (Big, ugly flash + sound)
  • shutter (It took a second and a half!)

It would also be great if it would be fast (scrot takes ~ .1 sec to run).
It's fine if the mouse cursor is added later through additional processing.

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Well, was just looking for the same, and I stumbled upon this man page: https://manpages.debian.org/testing/scrot/scrot.1.en.html where I could see:

-p, --pointer
    Capture the mouse pointer.
18 July 2020    scrot-1.4

... and it links to a Github:


Obviously, no apt for this on Raspbian Stretch, so I had to build it from source - but the --pointer option seems to work fine.

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