I'm setting up Ubuntu to be able to input in three keyboard layouts:

  1. English (US)
  2. German
  3. Japanese (Mozc)(IBus)

What I'm finding is if I switch from English to Japanese directly, then romaji is input with a QWERTY keyboard, but if I switch to German first, and then to Japanese, the romaji is input with German's QWERTZ keyboard.

In other words, mozc is just using whichever keyboard layout I had selected just before switching to it for entering romaji.

I'd like if I could fix it to one (preferably English US) regardless of which keyboard I was using last. If that means an alternative to mozc, I'm open to that too. In the meantime I can work around it as long as I remember to switch directly from English to Japanese.


enter image description here

First click on this Mozc icon and bring

enter image description here

this window and click on the red arrow, preference button,

enter image description here

Pull-down the menu from Input Method Default to your favorite.

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    Thanks. Most of that menu was missing for me, but now that I know what the option's name was, I was able to search more effectively, and found that I had to switch from IBus to fcitx in the Language Support menu in order for those options to appear. After that I was able to follow your advice and get it working. Cheers! – Thalfon Jun 28 '17 at 8:23

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