When I use mutt under Ubuntu like below, my email address is shown as maemo@maemo-TomXue. I want to change it but didn't find how to do, who could help me? Thanks!

y:Send q:Abort t:To c:CC s:Subj a:Attach file d:Descrip ?:Help

From: maemo maemo@maemo-TomXue
  To: hello@what.com

Subject: 111 Reply-To: Fcc: ~/sent Mix: Security: None

-- Attachments - I 1 /tmp/mutt-maemo-desktop-1000-4182-199622

Either start reading up on mutt's configuration, or export EMAIL=my.address@example.com from your `.bashrc'


As others have noted, it's most likely that the best way to address your situation is by editing ~/.muttrc appropriately. However, for those who stumble on this question looking for a "one-time" way to change the value of the 'From' header, you can simply use Esc f.


The most standard way to do this is to use a ~/.muttrc file and add the following to it:

set from = "my_preferred_address@whatever.com"

And this should solve the problem... Other useful settings to use are:

 set realname="My RealName"
 set use_from=yes
 set envelope_from ="yes"

Have a look here for a discussion of the correct way to set "From" and other matters...

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