Is there a way to stream to my friends the song I am listening to in banshee or rhythmbox. I am not only asking for the ability to show what song I am listening to which works already by activating the Telepathy extension, but also to have a way to let them hear it while I play it. When I play a song they can also hear it on their PCs.


The task you are asking for is setting up an internet radio stream. This can best be achieved by running an combination of Icecast2 with Ices2 (for OGG Vorbis streams) or Darkice (for mp3).

By this doing so we are able to broadcast the sound of our local sound card over the internet using a well established and stable protocol independent of local music players used (you could even broadcast the sound from a microphone).

See also this answer for a guide to a basic setup or visit the Icecast documentation site for further details.


Telepathy Extension for Banshee

This may not be a complete answer, but it's a start...

If you are using Banshee and your friend is also using Banshee, and you're both on computers that can use Telepathy, you can share your entire library with them using the banshee-extension-telepathy available in the Software Center.

This is similar to DAAP for iTunes, except that it is not limited to your local network -- it can stream the music over the internet.

It's worth noting that this doesn't only share the song you are currently listening to (though it can show the current song in your chat status) -- it makes your whole library available.

  • I added that Michael. As you say it is a good start because this is to let people know the benefits of free software like library sharing. I actually did not know about the sharing stuff until yesterday when I was looking for a way to share the song I was playing to other users so they too could listen to it and confused "streaming" in the contact list in Banshee with "streaming" as in "Stream the song you are listening too to other empathy users". For the moment I am looking for a way to let others listen to the playing song but please do not delete your answer as it also helps and relates. – Luis Alvarado Jan 5 '12 at 2:29

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