I am trying to remove Eclispe desktop entry. I manually added this eclipse.desktop file as i was not able to see the icon of eclipse.

Now I am trying to uninstall eclipse. I used the following code to locate eclipse.desktop file using this command:

locate eclipse.desktop

I got the following as result.


So I tried to remove the following file using this command:

root@jeeva:/home/protocol/.local/share/applications# rm -rf eclipse.desktop

After executing the above command still iam able to see this file when i use the above locate command.

When trying see file permissions:

ls -l /home/protocol/.local/share/applications/eclipse.desktop
ls: cannot access '/home/protocol/.local/share/applications/eclipse.desktop': No such file or directory

Please help me to remove the file.


Your file is deleted. Check man page of locate.

It refers a db to search the file listed.

The file name databases contain lists of files that were on the system when the databases were last updated.

The database has not been updated yet. You can of course try updatedb

sudo updatedb

I suggest Use find instead to search through your directories.

find /home/protocol -type f -name eclipse.desktop

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